Tuesday, 25 August 2009

dragonfly,toy story babys, and pattern yet not project work

dragon fly i killed for my collection
today me and dan went on walk dan found this hedgehog he took off the head shareing , i got the body pining it up it my room
heres a photo of her hanging around put lots of sisters hair style glue on it to kill bity bugs

for ages now i been wanting to make a doll muanant , dan came over and starting me off designing this beast and drawing half its heads super happy with this one
toy story influants

the 4 hands baby has no feet

drawing a pattan its a monsters armhair want to use for a big paste up a huge paste up

stag beetles for project on masks and insects

Thursday, 20 August 2009

50 reasons not to go camping

not gone out the house in 5 days due to bad leg its getting beter thow ,,, dan craig lorna and ed came over watched friday the 13th the 3rd tonight its been film night around mine since leg witch is problly the high light of the day . just finished these 50 beetles am please i stayed up to finish as not beening drawing late much . witch is the best bug "?

Monday, 17 August 2009

comment on my knee mandom

my knee has gone fucked so i cant move i spent yesterday in my bedroom drawing pattens it test my pations today i walked down stairs dan craig devon mat and hen came over so it was pretty socail for not leaveing the house due to my fuck up kne been read a bit of bible and fact book and draw a little
want to get trenal man tatooed this is from a zine i bought in new york i realy love this style so i should get it so my head,, its going to go on my knee but looks like i have to wait a bit till knee flatens

this photo is all i done for my summer project on maskes so and am not to shore if it courts for much

Sunday, 2 August 2009

insect colektion bit biger got a hornet and a green thing with a big spik
show in whitstbale
drawing we put it show sold in under an hour happy with

we and jack went travling in this car with bary valery for 3 weeks we camped a lot and water was imporant coz it got hot we did about 2500 miles and 2 woles cached our car at the spainish border they ran 30 mils an hour but out car could go faster fun trip

harry funny photo