Friday, 31 December 2010

" for the kids that aint normall "

colour art

did this about 2 years ago found it this was a time were me and my m8 rowan painted massive monster each night and it was each night heres my mum i draw up it this abondoned petrol station got nocked down next day well fun times i got london now getts well slack with it here thow done 5 big monsters only 2 terned out ok still i got 2 years and a half left

i love a walk

monster in amstdam with my paint budy sam its in a fame coz it we having a laft

one face

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

drawing till your yorning

my monster armying backing me up
the drawing lab (sam ur on the wall look painting yesterday fat )

craig triming befor we hit the club
rehirsing our drunk talk

big guns devon with a look to kill tison

dad and me 4 days ago

i being painted ,this one is at southbank big is beter

bk in whitstable my old drawing spot

art i stayed up doing last night

24 chairs click to read some quolity jokes trust me

trying to start chair projest just normally stuff saying the word chair

walking with the devil ment to do my projest but my pen broke so drawing these

dont talk listen u hear

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

all the time in the world

dont yeet things fly by



bit more monsterrs i painted this one big at southbank its on my facebokk if u got time to waist check that out
a truck
story about a chair

did a writeongraph
did a music cover on itunes its a single by ddark called 'one'

Saturday, 11 September 2010

drawers i like

blu owns it
paul blow for the paper i realy want to get this these poeple

bom k , i got this book went i was 16 still realy into he takes the piss

paul blow proper illustator style i want this style as well the line marks make his look like a playmabearl