Monday, 25 February 2013

evenmore art !

grand big trees with a  sainbury as a focal piont 
etching a3 size working on (a4 scan of it )
kind of painting 
water bottles from classz

Sunday, 17 February 2013

park sketch & BNBN story !!!!!

did this yesterday  i  given advice to use  illustror from a dogwalker and these kids that  sat about me drawing got a book just for obersations 

speed turtle with egg and bacon on a stick for smells!

screen print 4 colour on a4 scanner

little bits 

little bits take 2 
zebras hanging about 
story did that never draw up

 doing a children's book ,  on a guy that works at BNBN   factory!   jumping on the biscuits with jam shoes    getting  board  he stealing a turbo digger  with  curiosities about what is the middle the earth  !   turns out its not  atlantace   or multan laver just load of mud ending up in a carabean with a load  of  hippys! 

Sunday, 3 February 2013

lounge and clippings !

lounge drawing like the bottom of person getting up 

these are small clips from a a4 page 

really like this one its a jeep called wheel wizzer made from letterpress 

boat powered by cholate roles  to trave the world in style folks!

painting and a half  ,good  session have  to paint again here!