Friday, 28 January 2011

painted with rich

painted under waterloo bridge
rich doing his artme doing my spelling two big heads
jamie, will
little drawing

your looking at the hardest paint crew in london void us

photos by omar thanks omar

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

born into a world and drawing yourself out of it

hey kid why the grin
hey mat heres the thing i talking about cant miss it, u can get a hand full of em if u want ink em up lots its sooooooooo you

lazy cunt
money do

sketch book

charticter am pleased with

hey kid why the grin
moved got a fat view

sercet wars

got theses photos of secter wars hole thing

sick style middle thing is goodd
pen to papper

so u get a feel of the room
start at the start

having a ball
not started yet just u wait

Thursday, 6 January 2011

draw in adoneoned hotel not scary

me josh n sam painted in westgate thought we heard coffing we went ta top floor the floor had missing bits so had ta tip top so didnt fool be our death ,plus missed last train so walked from westgate on sea bk to whistable google it !! its about 17 miles took 5 hours bk nakered 5 hours later about 4am !my legs were mad vexest in the morning !!! ! failing uni done a draw for the project yes go me sam did fat art ,his ballbags out stuck on the zip ,( the room we painted in had human shit in it bad choose seening as there about 50 rooms in the place pickin noseon our middle night 17mile walk bk home we did a long cut climping my the cliff took ages fun we had 2 brushes between 3 of us one broke so we had 1 brush the taking it inturns so get num hands ice ice baby