Tuesday, 27 July 2010

front feeble burn what a thought

boot fair £ 1200000 what a bargin toy old ladiy into monster
1st drawing i did 1st page in albuem record the viruce

never stop

norway here i come readly or not 1 , 2 3 ,,,4

last night night harry got a new tat i later draw this baby on my book
drawing lots of batteris i done 3 about 100 left cant see me getting that done can you ?

last page in photo album its taken 2 years to fill this up its packed with photos trust me

new zine flying off the shelves get them quick there like hot cakes

a drawing bit wacky bit wird

a hole book of paint

i finshed my photo album of spots i painted today its time to a new book already ,,, all those memory in that book quop quop i good day

sams bouncer

cluber and bouncer " pills in chills "

pop n pills at chillz

big room space for a party

sam and i painted today in a abondedoned bastetball court its was fun we ran for the bus and the train nearly missing either to get here , the theme turned to night clubs i painted a classic cluber with diamand dust ,, proper drug name jack joke ,and liquid gold to partyu thow the night
with classic lined glasses and gym muscles the night club king ,
sam painted a bouncer to keep the party under control

this is the night cub boss dont get him cross

at the begining of the party

pleased with chartiers i want to paint the other side soon if anyone wants to come ? its the internet so you cant all come