Sunday, 18 January 2009

the last of the petrol station

heres dans bussness man even when colourful he still looks despessed proberly going to get saked from the cedit munch
dan came around again n we both draw some faces i think mi one looks crack head style along with the way out colours

peck a boo !just trying to riggel out of that crack good luck you ,ll never get out

a deep thought abou t the destancey of this perticuar brez block

this crack den by the petrol station was nocked in half by a diger ,. draw on the stairs lucky i took a photo as the diger pushed the remaning half off the next day me n rowan tryed walking up the stairs but it was a risc not worth taking aforter rowan put his foot throu

befor you look at the robot look at the shoe > it shows this baby is life size !! no glue just balance

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alice said...

watch that its so good all the way throughh