Wednesday, 20 May 2009

lizard walking on the park

craig doing a grab over the monster i draw at the park today his great at doing caraters his did the orange monster a couple of months ago check it out at theprogressof nothing.blogspot and if i spelt it wrong just click on my favites this camar, well i still in the mood for drawing and had some paint left , not that into it
harry is good cumperny he is good on his board this photo makes me look like i have a soshel life ....
feebel on fakie craig scott enjoying a sunday day at the park .

air over my drawing i skated to day i really realy enjoy skateboard thow am no were near a good as these rads boyz so thats why am not doing a air because i cant . but i did get a varel flip /360 shuv / switch 180 / big drawings

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