Friday, 3 July 2009

a1 is on the way

been drawing more ,craigs coming over in an hour and were going to fill the gaps thow there not much space at the moment we been drawing useing 0.1 on this massive papper a1
yeserday pined my insects i takes longer then i thought to do that not finished the box yet

i went to wales to sea my uncle , paul were i went off to find insects for a couple of days on the 7 hour coach journy back i sat next to this old man he said he used to be a teacher and bought insects to show the class he was also a bird watcher he was intersiing but did talk a lot for a long jouny in the heat
i asked if i could take a photo to draw from coz he got a good face but got a bad angle missing his eye and make his nose hard to look ok , if any one wants to draw him click enlarge

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hello ash! said...

hey, i love ur art. :D