Sunday, 27 December 2009

curb eaters ( just had a 2 christmas one at clive swords and craigs mums

drew this for mat as his got lots of blank decks dan did one to , stayed up drawing this last night it finshed it at about 4am but started 1 or 2 because of a bike ride abondoned factory smash up , plus paul pow what a night clive sword gave us some fireworks for tonight witch i am looking forward to useing

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Darell Andrew Rufus Tallent said...

ill edited it after its finished, but i dont think ill have to cut bits out.

withe your answers try go into much detail as you can, not too much obviously but try get interesting stories or facts in ther aswell, the more in depth info the better.

1. where you come from and your background.

2. yor interest in art, how it came about, why you like art, your influences, how did your interest in zines come about and how do you feel about this zine culture now your art started off an how its changed, why has it changed, does your change come with a story, has your tools in art changed with this change.

4. has the NEW ERA had any affect on your work, if so how an why.

5 wouldf you like to see more art produced thats influenced by this NEW ERA.

6. what can we see from you in the future.