Wednesday, 20 May 2009

a walk i take for granted

the walk back is a good walk back a photo cames it look beter
the local rippers harry doing a trick

lizard walking on the park

craig doing a grab over the monster i draw at the park today his great at doing caraters his did the orange monster a couple of months ago check it out at theprogressof nothing.blogspot and if i spelt it wrong just click on my favites this camar, well i still in the mood for drawing and had some paint left , not that into it
harry is good cumperny he is good on his board this photo makes me look like i have a soshel life ....
feebel on fakie craig scott enjoying a sunday day at the park .

air over my drawing i skated to day i really realy enjoy skateboard thow am no were near a good as these rads boyz so thats why am not doing a air because i cant . but i did get a varel flip /360 shuv / switch 180 / big drawings

Sunday, 17 May 2009

walked all night

today went to folkstone park i snaped by deck pretty much as soon as i got there thow i came prepaired coz theres been a crack since christmas i got a nolle back 360 shuv witch i was happy about then draw on the board

missed timed the trains so walked from a village i never eared of back to my house it was a long walk 11pm to 4.30 but pretty funny with /mat ed devon
2d face 3d eyes mat making the most to the newpapper on train

me n mat draw the yesterday at folkstone skatepark

Thursday, 14 May 2009


the 1st page in a book and when i finish the book it was the best.. bum,er

some were in this it say PICK THOSE GRAPES UP i didnt pick them up so a angry man tryed to punch me in the face out side safeways in whitstable but luckery he missed my friends put him to the corner ,people stoped and looked ,his wife said come on lets go , then ,,that the end
a draw of a room i draw me drawing me

bad boys what you going to do what ya going to do when i come for you

Monday, 4 May 2009

another update ? yes it is

hands drawings at beach party
am starting to like my bedroom got some paint cans now but they high pressure to the max

take the art to the streets ? ok how about the floor

good find guys but how we going to get up the stairs

Sunday, 3 May 2009

my friends are skateboarding, as i write this

old man waisting time thinking about stuff he wants to do , but cant. kind of like me with my hip stoping me from skateboarding witch it as been like for ages

my hips not got beter in a year now but i havent given up . as i think its the best way to spend time , so i draw some people a wrote there hopes witch they cant get go of

this one looks funny

phones and clocks