Thursday, 10 January 2013

2k13 upload yeah!

letterpress money gent

cafe hey draw
unit 6 ? i think is drawing does not have a focus and is not readable for a newpapper illustration from  no focal point and inacurant perspective , i put a bin in with scrunched papper  and unleible words coming out the book with a teacher shouting at him , the smaller heads and more and more angray ,we asked to do this for a artical about disablity in school , 


tiger /bear face

this drawing was filmed by mike for 10 hours 

i propper rip kyle plattes off so had ta ripped in half

faces and tiger like the left middle one the most!!

bird heads like the top left pariot 
jess with coffee and blue air

drug influants art

go paint son!

trip trop

how i like to sea  the way to school back in whistbale in juniorz

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