Thursday, 19 November 2009

amsterdam was too much fun

drawing on crabs got into this druw on 10 useing them for the duck and cover zine

just came back from amsterdam witch was too much fun
d sam giles and i painted massive in amerdam witch was realy fun we spent two hours making a brigde out of sofoes crates and bins so our monster came out the water crap photo but a lest it proves i not just making in up to dark we painting till the sun set day well spent action shoot me holding the brush


a painted this in the hotels nightclub the hotel was covered in tags so i helped out two

cyleing lib and sam joe in front a fun outing on bikes for most the day and didnt have a map just a pen and cammars and biscuits , perfect

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Brigid said...

fucking hell pat your ripping at life this stuff is sick i hope your doing good buddy i miss hanging with you terrors im coming home for christmas soon so let the shread start