Monday, 30 November 2009

art attack

mat coilins and ed davieedwands made a zine its not just a zine its a pretty nice one check them out , good luck theres no link
josh and jack we explored a abondons factory in brordstairs , scarys saw a herion needal that day and i swear there was someone one it there this time we climed to the top king of the castle
some page i been arting up

well spezzed with this one caned the time its a day i had in amsterday as this are project i think its gone down well at drawing club as its the only thing i done thats not a monster or just stuf f thats got no meaning why stuff need meaning ? ba ba ba

art students one for craig scott ,, here you are craig called kev

lorna pass but i just want to draw them

crabs buddy stick together its a hard life coz it is in the water ? yep

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Alex said...

Awesome stuff patman