Monday, 28 June 2010

mega upload

oil maker
dan and i played a drawing game and ended up with this i want to make this into a t shirt

man with lots of hands

me and mat are drawing on a1 for horse brigde gallery 25 pounds to put it in and got about 2 weeks to finsh not reary started it yet me as a baby alien head over

another raydar machine i lot rely into these


heres a petrol station and close by a petshop if you want cheap valiantines prezzant and a gold fish this is your best bet

rayar machine wrong way up

be going to a few boat fews got myself a drawing board looks the part but i prefer a desk try to get the hang of it truck 2

truck 1

head blobs

my end show

this oil rig is from my end show witch ended about a month ago just ever uploaded it

mat ed harry dan and i went to look for stag beetles around the courty side about 9/10pm loads were flying around i got 5 mean looking bugs in my bedroom now i want to cect i lot this summer and fame all the insects i catch i lot a dragon fly witch is my best find yet

getting a zane done

ment to paint again but paint dryed i paint a wolf with teeth

painted with sam giles and his mate fred, jess good day painting this ones sams


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