Thursday, 3 June 2010

found my camar a1 drawing

this is what i been drawing tryed to scan corners befor in my a4 scaner this is what i hope to sell for 100pound i only got a week to finsh it and make shore there no gaps and no blank space i think am about 60% done

found my camar birthday feest from frebury my old deck faces a window of a brick wall now grandad is a bookbinder helped me out its handy to have a gradad as a book binder

old photo i lost ,3d art well i ever .lauran have you sorted out halls get ? tryed to call you

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Lauren said...

pat i thought it might of been you calling me but i was scared to call back cause i didn't know the number! i'm soo sorry hahaha. yeah yeah i did it on the 1st, if you go on this link - - click on the link where it says "Home & EU Students Application for halls of residence 2010-2011" and print out that form, fill it in with what halls you wanna go to and send it off in the post! pretty simple :) x