Sunday, 21 April 2013

had a great weekend !!

found these old african masks this one looks the most scary and was the most expensive also had a dried out alligator  and zebra skins

little money keeper 
dead zebra 
had a little pit rivers in the down stairs of this shop in Greenwich 
the best junk shop ever 

draw this at a t junction by a police car ,was the marathon  run today, writ down the best things   i over heard someone said i had good skill thats good to get told ! 

collage vase 

ink flowers in vases 

did this fast stuff last night 
  gaurab elliot sultan pablo with a  science project  
PICK ME UP at summer-set house when  on saturday
atmosphere    shoot 

went with elliot, recommend it 

neat pelican with halftone !
lovely dog with fast brush !

   postcard london!!
glossy dark blue coffee cup set 

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