Thursday, 16 May 2013


1950s pad
at  eds girlfriends on his 20th birthday night 
the best designed houses i ever  been !
pleased with this  kichien drawing   made it  my dp picy 
 when  to whistable over the weekend, walk with my mum favisham creak.
ed in cafe  
 the guy with the hat told us about his cafe ,into boxing   he said  came out of prison and met the craig twins , he also said people cant say No to him!  once he saw i had a  cammar,  he told us about the  photos on the wall  people he had trained to  box ,  lovey guy but i would not want to upset him  

 1950s vase stool  good patterns!

  Tim from, shows us bonceing metals link

draw this at  telograph hill park. clecting rubbish and turned his houses to a musiem check it out

 couldnt find thie guy that done this
great poster design favorit  the eliphants, by E.

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