Sunday, 10 March 2013

keep load up!

 am entering for the macmillanprize  started a  18 page children book deadline 29th april i want the final images to be printed in colour uni finish on the  15th and am going to scotland  to clime ben neverst , need to get back to uni with all the designs and colour separation ideas , started using  letterpress/get halftone,  want to get to gripes with colour layering when printing !

brief ] children's book-story competition
story board for the next month and a half
34 pages ,6 have to be colour separated  

ruff , didn't work dreaming of Atlantis colour printed needs with collage
ruff , airport carpark letterpress  (next try grey roller for  tarmac could work  brown for biscuit and yellow  )
(  ruff ,collage find  marball papper  )

chartic in story
camberwell university stairs 
kitchen late 
kitchen late 

 park in the spring  

"southbank bubbles " spend all weekend taking photos useing my new  camar 

when i buy stuff i make rockets out the stuff i buy 
bit of briton just for luke ovien ! 

stuffed little duck 15 quid 
 well liked this dog  
double  kold luc!

southbank ,drawing treat @1

off blackfryers drawing treat @2

said he was  half blind and age 55, ,walks all around london 
old kent road  a finger dustar
pop up fire  golfing for  ant and deck outside itv studio southbank
favite  painting at waterloo
 coming out the swamp
show david breuer weil project 4  recomend going to this show at

the vaults arch 233
leake street london SEI7NN
by waterloo station

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