Friday, 22 March 2013


10 hour coach journey. to fort williams in scotland. 

Rene  off the coach
ten-die on  top a mountain

  streets & sea
took in the morning

  this is how far we got up ben nevis
 didnt have  pick axes and snowboots so walk back half way
30 deaths each year of ill prepared climers

guy in pub had same cammar


   the local pubs. guy with the hat  bought us all a drink

all the ideas but no mountain gears
3 of us 3 boats 


even the radio staion call nevis

looks like aim  album cover
  also been  listening to Rodriguez 

"back from the mountain"
one we climbed was  10x higher !


imagine living in a place like this.
all you needed was a scanner to spend off work
for income........
 the  macmillan competition
to make a 32 page  children's book
with 1st prize......  £1000
uni starts back on the 15th of april with this as our only project.

going back to kent  tonight for a week
, bringing all the art kit  so it  best i get my head down and
 draw for once

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