Sunday, 31 March 2013


spring vase collage

trucks watercolour
 Bob & Florans characters in story book

 my sister is leaving Whitstable to go explore the world ! good luck have fun and cy in 5 months touch oak!

my friend hen outside his restaurant 
   floated park-car  with a  boat and ducks  mum took this photo back in about  83
photo found of me about 5 years old 1st day of school

drawing victim

good design uses of black and also white
monopoly house

been looking at old household designs

like a glossy dark green coffee pot

Tesco's new bag design 

john mace (born 1889)  Whitstable and Tankerton poster advertising southern electric railways ,found this in the musuem  i like the use of colour and shades for details. he has designed  a huge amount of  1920's posters useing  lithography

when on a walk to take photos of dogs and the owners heres the best 3

 two mega dogs having  a boxing match location beach
 this geeza had a pink lead and up to the minute  trainers he said i could snap away !

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