Sunday, 22 August 2010

anyone got dezs number ?

me dan off to norway, camped by lake ,camp fire stole rowing boat , catch fish , i kill the 2nd one put my thum in gills half killed 1st one , slept in abondoned house when rained walked a few miles ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,spend 2 grand of weed drawing a maze of mess, paint the skate park again soon , sam and hopfully jack paint next weekend looking forward , probberly wont do it ha

insects this summer dead and pinned up , theres space for the bat i found at 4am with ed went he got a punisher so had to walk miles sold it to craig anyway for 10 pound
famliy bike to deal from whitstable stop off at every cafe due to sister and mum good trip great photo leaders are allways in the middle just to add

i draw today till 4 cylcalled to margate as well so i half did something today didnt go to hastings didnt rely do much , eggsexpt this photo cyled about 25 miles today fixed bike its easy with my new bike only cost 3 grand

me after doing a fat line boi

zine 2 years ago still its the best style! uni costs 30,000 grand if i end up drawing like this it but werth it ha how do people pay that back fuck that , that thought can go back in the back of my mind proper blog style chats shit fuck beening the one the reads this shit get out the house of go on a best site

this is propper art school style caroon , drawing objects i copyed this , drawing batterys proberly wont get them finshed , propper art school style beening lazy , high five to that go on slap the screen

apple i pick its going winkly its on my window time has been bullying it

200 wasps in a box theres a story behind this

herion in a box i mint open the box one of these days ... fuck that

skined coconut found in wales on shore , think it must of traved all out the world ,, bobing in the sea

rabbits legs are good luck , i ask the rabbit didnt mind

cow skull chainsaw still suck on my wall with duck tape , the ducks got suck feathers everywhere

the summer in a pinch of pages norway,cornway,margate wales ,hungry mars, the moon , jupitar, the sun traving i do ,do it , when am not on this waiting for photos takes long enuff weref it thow ,


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