Tuesday, 24 August 2010

we became gezzers all night

the boss
dez and lez ,i / dez / turned into a dealer for the night mat /lez/ became a no mess gezzer rided to chartem did a couple of laps around canterbury and around soap and chills i had bags of coke/sugar and broke phones to smash
we all had cigs in our mouth to be the part but didnt never smoke em dickheads devon puke not just pozzers did a bit of this as wel

i broke into a house sold the tv

this guy was feared across cauntbury people cross the road and bikes turned back hardman lez fucked after 50 pound down the club

mich and lez

dez and mich

ploting hell devon doing realy realy heavy weight

last time we going to a club ended going to chartem this time dress up as stetch as could ,, club proof look at us ha

takeing the piss all night ,what are we like

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