Friday, 27 August 2010


you wouldnt see this in whitstbale , dan, jedrzej craig and 1 went to norway for a week camped on tesco noodles biscuits and fish was cort in lake only got a few of em i killed the 2nd one
happy famliys this famliy took us under there wing giveing us biscuits and food when we had nearly ran out , miles and miles from any kind of shop the dad was realy funy i had to be in the middle of the photo he gave us hooks and worms to catch fish and played a bit of music for craig
it may look scary but this was our house for one night drawing all over the walls in charcoal , and played 17 games of cheat rained herion needle in one room the rest were great rooms we had a stove fire , smoke out the chimly make the locals stair in as they pasted but we got no troble fun night ,
some nights we camped by the lake we got a boat and rowing to diffent spots this time we got chiars and a table i could feel my mind unwind it was soo nice to relaxe and have a seat with a noodle in one hand and 5 cards in the other the axe man got closer every night we just missed him each time we moved on in the morning the axe few into the tree just missing our heads , u had to be there to no how scary this guy was , u no ? real woods for real explorers

yes dan it was priceless the view ...... well i couldnt put
a price on it wonderful great photo but you realy had to be there that lake was real craig looks like in know what his doing ear but he was driffenting out to the middle of the lake because i jumped onto the trampline we had a pro phographar with us jedrzej

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