Monday, 30 August 2010


sam found a walk nice one sAM WHY DID YOU WANT to do that german student style crap day in london "lost" shirly amy araner notinghill carnillvel plus lost ticket so me and ed walked all the way back to london vic spend 1 .5hour trying to find them waist of a day saying that i had got around this summer the moon wededay and newyork last monday and hungry last month plus mars nxt friday cants wait dickheads
bad camp spot great day

paint spot realy funny ment to fit 3 of us couldnt fit half of sam nice spot josh , it got beter

a drawing

drug twat

luc after london trip morning early next day did crabing


luc liv darrel and i went to decked liv got us into a front party nice one live you know the right people

good deck

luke overin deck
admiarer his style

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