Monday, 9 August 2010

cornwell trip

rob craig mat and me went to newkey to sea boardmasters ,went swimming ,woodenwaves,camped at beach and saved a 10 pound note going the back way to a club , abondoned hotel , lost 10 pound , camped 3 nights good trip plus put a dead fish in our mouthlooks like a pirate what my gramar say

got into this abandoned hotel swimming pool 80s style smash it up a little bit
toylet thow window

watched this ,craig the only one of us witch skated the vert ramp he broke his toe

this cat climed up the cliff it looked realy funny because it walked up and down changing its root all the time,it got to the top
trip 50 pound / 30 car money / 10 lost / 10 food / lots of free food given away i had 15 murlar rices a day

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